Rohini Nakshatra

All you need to know about Rohini Constellation, 4th Lunar Mansion of Moon

1. Rohini Nakshatra’s degree is between 10 degree 00′ to 23 degree 20′ Taurus

Male Serpent

2. It’s Symbol is Ox-cart, Chariot, Temple, Banyan Tree.

3. Ruling Planet is Moon, Nature is Manushya (human like).

4. In addition,Primary Motivation is to follow Moksha (Spiritual Liberation).

5. In addition, Animal Symbol is Male Serpent.

6. In addition, After that, Direction is East.

7. In addition, Sounds are Oh, Va, Vee, Vo.

Lord Brahma

8. In addition, Qualities are Rajas/Tamas/Rajas.

9. In addition, Deity is Brahma, Prajapati.

10. In addition, Bird connected with this nakshatra is Owl.

11. In addition, Tree connected with this nakshatra is Java Plum.

Forth Nakshatra – Rohini

The forth nakshatra is called Rohini. Whole nakshatra is placed inside the zodiac sign of Taurus. This is the sign where moon is exalted. Beauty, sensuality, charisma and charm is seen here. Still it’s primary Motivation is Moksha or spiritual liberation. For instance, As said by B.V Raman, Shri Krishna had his lagna ascendant and Moon in Rohini. The presiding Deity is Brahma, who is creator of universe. That’s why, tremendous creativity and gifts in the fine arts can be seen here when planets are in this nakshatra. Zodiac sign Taurus is Ruled by Planet Venus Shukracharya. So Moon-Venus creative chemistry is the outcome of this Constellation.

Symbol – a Chariot

Rohini Meaning

Rohini is translated to mean “the read one” or “the red part of the women” or “the red cow” or “the growing one”. The symbol for this nakshatra is an ox or chariot. For instance, It is Rajasic in nature and shows the need for travel and movement. In south India this nakshatra is seen as a banyan tree,In other words, which gives shade and protection to humanity. ROHINI IS NAMED the star of ascent and gives rise to prominence and influence in general.

Deity – Brahma, The Creator

The residing deity is Brahma, the creator. It’s main power is growth (rohana shakti). This shakti helps to get growth and creating on all levels and bestowing fertility. For instance, Brahma is the greatest creator who can bestow anything one desire, he is one of the Tri Murti, One main Gods. Therefore, we Should think well about what they want in life. Rohini helps to get growth and development of one’s creative potential.

Taurus is an earth sign which shows that fruits of one action can be fully experienced here. Fulfillment of one earthly desires and creative actions can come true in this nakshatra. For instance, Deep devotion and faith in Almighty is seen. Heaven can descend to earth plane with Rohini. Spiritual strength and responsibility are seen here. The animal Symbol is Male serpent, indicates the spiritual power and wisdom.

The Dark Side of this Constellation

The Dark side of this nakshatra is over indulgence and materialism. The person may seek luxury without looking at price. One may win the kingdom but lose his soul. In other words, Rohini is located in the head of Taurus the bull, an obstinate, bull headed nature may comes at times. Taurus is fixed sign which shows stubborn personality style. A short temper and critical nature is seen. Issues with jealousy and possessiveness may come up in this Constellation.

Hindu Mythology

The hindu mythology tales involve with Rohini shows the creation of the 27 nakshatras and their shadow sides. According to the Puranic myth. Brahma produced ten Prajapatis or divine beings to help him in manifesting the universe. One of the celestial architect and son of brahma, named Daksha, fathered 60 daughters, of whom 27 represented the nakshatras (Constellation). They were given as a gift to Moon God to marry him. Similarly, Of his 27 wives, Rohini was his favorite because of her beauty, grace, and charm. For instance, This created hostility and jealousy among her 26 sisters. In other words, Revati and other sisters complained to Daksha, and a curse was placed on the Moon By Prajapati Daksha that he will slowly die and diminish.

Helping Moon Come out of Curse

Upon realizing how ill their husband was becoming, they found out a solution, they formed a group of Mahadev’s devotees, rishi atri (moon’s father), ansoya (moon’s mother) and all wives of moon and Sati. Everyone started reciting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra which is capable of altering untimely dealth, Mahadev Showed up in a large form. When asked to cure him, he said the curse cannot be 100% percent diminished, it was bound to happen specially when you have a father in law like Daksha it was Moon’s mistake.

From that day Mahadev wears Moon on his head so he doesn’t die and from that day he keeps on waxing and waning and Moon keeps on Transiting or visiting every one of 27 wife (nakshatra) one by one. Thus, according to vedic lore, once a curse is cast it cannot be fully taken back. So Moon must wax and wane for eternity due to this misdeed of the heart.

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